Combining the greatest business opportunity in the world with one of the most exciting sports of the world has resulted in millions of dollars of worldwide volume. Skiglo represents an important constant in an industry committed to dynamic change. Some of the traditions you may expect to enjoy are listed below.

The Skiglo "Hoot"

Participants will be instructed on effective techniques for developing this important vocal utterance for locating others on lift lines, on chair lifts, on the slopes or buried in powder in the trees. An important "Hoot-off" will be held at the awards banquet.

The Skiglo Name Tag

To be worn at all times. Useful as a prospecting tool, remembering your name after a snow snake attack, discounts at Gene Taylor's Ski Rental, etc. Be sure your name on the registration is how you want it on your tag.

The Skiglo Ski Pole Streamer

Ideally attached to the loops on the handles of your poles. Makes it easy to spot fellow Skigloers on the slopes from the chair and vice-versa. Attention is then gotten by a correct "hoot." Caution should be practiced when "hooting" from a chair with non-skigloers sitting next to you.

Skiglo Giant Dragon Levels

The Giant Dragon will mix the following: Fast Dragons, Half-fas' Dragons, Drag'n 'as's, Dragon Droppings and Dragon Dropping Scoopers.

Skiglo Ski Levels


Excited, scared, snow plows most of the time - green trails only. Meet at lifts whenever.


Negotiates blue slopes, stops 3-10 times coming down the "Big Burn." At the lifts by 9:30 am.


Skis black runs. Stop less than three times on the "Big Burn." At the lifts by 9:00, 9:15, or 9:30 am.


Anywhere, anytime, anyhow. Does the "Big Burn" non-stop. Skis "the Wall." At the lifts by 8:30 am.

"Nordic Experiences"

Cross country the world famous "Ashcroft" area. Experience an outing to "Gracie's" (off limits to downhillers).

"Rider Experiences"

Two world class snowboard terrain parks. A new pipeline off the Sam's Knob lift and the Elk Camp "McKaha" Terrain Park. Plus, nearby Buttermilk is home ESPNs Winter X Games.

Waiting For Others

Whether at the lift, on the slopes, or in the trees, the maximum wait time is 10 minutes after the agreed meetings time or last unreturned "Hoot."

"The Kenny Cliff Award"

Awarded Friday night to the skier accidentally doing something embarrassing, yet without injury, that he never wants to do again. Chosen from confidential nominations made during the week.